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Figuring Out a Toddler Friendly Easter Egg Hunt

At Easter time, I try to focus on the spirit of the season – celebrating new life, resurrection and our Creator God’s divine love and healing power. So while we don’t emphasize the Easter Bunny, we still want to establish some fun traditions for our children, and an Easter egg hunt is definitely part of that! Last year, when my son was […]

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Showering with PPA (it’s more complicated than you might think)

I’ve decided that it’s okay to avoid situations that make me anxious. I don’t always have the energy to mind muscle my way through something just to “prove” to my inner psyche that everything will be fine. Take showering for instance. But isn’t that supposed to be a relaxing, comforting experience? Not when you have […]

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Staying Active in the Winter with Small Children (aka how to eat a guilt-free cookie)

There is nothing like trudging up a hill with your children in tow, flying down it, and then repeating 100 times to get a good workout in during the winter months. But if you’re like me, your kids aren’t yet old enough for this quintessential Canadian activity. So here are a few ways I’ve discovered […]

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