Props to the WAHMs Knocking it Out!

It’s okay if you feel more like a scatterbrained pigeon than a pulled-together peacock most days. I do too.

You need to know that what you do, even if it doesn’t get the results you want right away, or isn’t noticed by others, is valuable. 

I just found out this week that a government grant application I had laboured over for a new performing arts school that serves low-income and immigrant children was approved! This may sound small, but for me as a work-at-home-mom (WAHM) it was a big WIN! The grant wasn’t easy, and involved staying up until 2 a.m. to gather all the supporting information and get it worded just right. Because when I have to focus on something detail oriented, it means my shift starts once the children are in bed and doesn’t end until the work is done.

There are plenty of us moms out there doing small, from-home businesses. We want to contribute to the family income but not have to put our kids in daycare. We want to stay connected to our careers that we worked our butts off in before diving into mommydom. We want to create, and use our brains for more than remembering to get that load of laundry into the dryer. And if I can be honest, for me anyways it comes down to feeling like I am more than “just” a mom. (I put that in quotations or course, because being a parent is arguably the #1 most important job on Earth!) So we work the late hours and work our networks, all the while pushing ourselves to stay in the loop and on our game.

So PROPS to you, hard working at-home moms!

Here’s a shout out to the fellow mommas staying up late staring at that computer screen even when the font starts going out of focus, because you know the time you put into your online business will pay off in the long run.

A high-five to the moms building those Etsy pages and Facebook shops. We love your beautiful handmade creations.

Kudos to the moms who have dared to say “So what!” to stigma, get on board with that company whose products they love, and start their own direct sales or affiliate income business.

Respect to the moms scrutinizing flyers, scouting out facebook giveaway pages, and killing it on kijiji to find the best possible prices for the items their family needs.

And a round of applause to the moms with the courage to open up about your day to day lives by blogging or sharing in online moms groups. It’s tough when you don’t know how well you’ll be received, and we appreciate your honesty, perspectives and advice.

We might not all make it “big”(whatever that means), but it’s worth the effort we put in. So keep going, and don’t forget to fit in some relaxation too!

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