A toddler friendly Easter egg hunt can be a challenge! At Easter, we put the focus on celebrating new life and a fresh season! So while we don’t emphasize the Easter Bunny, we still want to establish some fun traditions for our children, and an Easter Egg Hunt is definitely part of that! Since my children are so young though, I need to find options that work for little mouths plus aren’t going to give them a chocolate overload. I found by thinking outside the box using things like yogurt bites and freeze dried fruit, I can still have a toddler friendly Easter egg hunt that excites my little ones!

So, after $20 spent at Dollarama plus some items I already had at home, this is what our toddler friendly Easter egg hunt is going to look like! It still has sugary snacks, but I’ve mixed in some healthier options that my kids still like plus some non-food items, so I feel like it’s a good balance.

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I’m putting everything into those plastic Easter eggs (I washed them first) so it’s easier for my littles to spot, and they can have fun seeing what’s inside. (Maybe that will deter them from eating the candy too quickly. I can dream, right?)

1. Stickers

Simple, easy, and lots of fun!

2. Mashems

I am slowly collecting the Paw Patrol Mashems for my kids, since they have joined the hoards of children who love this silly little show. And they already come in an “egg!”

3. Mini Marshmallows

They are colourful, easy to chew and swallow, and yummy!

4. Chewy Fruit Snacks

I know, just because they are “made with real fruit” they still have lots of sugar. But they are easy for little ones to chew, and it’s something I rarely give them. There are higher quality, less sugary (and more expensive) fruit chew options sold at health/natural food stores. But guys, I was at Dollarama.

5. Kiwi Fruit

My children love fruit and we rarely buy kiwis, and they are kind of egg shaped already, so why not? I found they fit into the larger size eggs I have. Or just colour a smiley face on them! Other fun fruit ideas would be mandarin oranges, grapes or lychee fruit (but beware the pits in lychee).

6. Baby Tomatoes

I’ll still cut these in half lengthwise before letting them eat them, but it’s something my kids enjoy so why not sneak a vegetable in there?

7. Thrive Life Freeze Dried Blueberries, Strawberries & Other Fruit

I love these things. They put the biggest smile on my littles’ faces! Look at my lil guy so happy with his blueberries!

They have no added sugar yet taste like candy, plus are pesticide free and non-GMO! You can find out more about Thrive Life food here. or read some of my other Thrive Life blog posts. Thrive Life’s freeze dried fruit anything are awesome too (my kids’ favourites after blueberries are strawberries, banana, mango, red grapes and pineapple).

I mean, look at her… this was my daughter “on the hunt” for Thrive Life strawberries! Apparently it doesn’t matter how high I put them…

8. Thrive Life Yogurt Bites

AKA toddler crack. And they are long lasting (not like that other brand that only lasts 7 days before turning into little choke hazard rocks) and free of preservatives! They come in lots of yummy flavours, including vanilla, Greek, pomegranate, passion fruit, dairy free coconut, and more!

9. Thrive Life Fruit and Veggie Crisp Snackies

These come in three flavours: Beet Fruit, Carrot Fruit and Spinach Banana. They are all yummy but the Beet ones are our favourite. They are like a freeze dried smoothie chip! Healthy and yummy!

10. And yes, some Lindt Chocolate

Thanks to Superstore’s “purchase a wack load of groceries and get something free” deal, we got free Lindt chocolate. So I guess I should give some of it to my kids. And it came with two little chocolate bunnies which are the perfect size for them! Besides, I’d much rather give them a smaller amount of good quality chocolate than a large amount of cheap stuff that’s only like 10% real chocolate. And for those chocolate eggs that might be a choking hazard? Well I like to use the “A bite for me and then a bite for you” method – purely for my children’s safety of course!

I hoped this help you think of ideas for your own toddler friendly Easter egg hunt. Have fun!

I’m also going to use the rest of the Lindt Easter eggs in The Pioneer Woman’s Krispy Easter Eggs recipe. And I bought sprinkles so my toddlers can have a fun time “decorating” the finished product (aka making a giant mess that will involve me finding sprinkles in all cracks and corners for days after).

What do you give your toddler at Easter time? 

Have a Happy Spring and a Blessed Easter, However You Celebrate!!

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.
~ 1 Peter 1:3