Why I Value having a Quality Emergency Food Supply

I believe there is wisdom in having an emergency food supply. After doing my research, I chose Thrive Life freeze dried foods to build my supply. What originally drew me to Thrive was the ability to have a high quality, reliable food supply in case of a regional emergency or personal crisis.

The majority of Thrive Life freeze dried foods have a 25 year shelf life when they are unopened and stored properly, plus they have a full range from all food groups. It makes for a great tasting emergency food supply that you won’t get tired of eating. It is a direct sales style company, and I have chosen to become an Independent Consultant with them to get the maximum benefit from my purchases and to share this amazing food with others.

There are numerous reasons an emergency food supply could benefit your family. Here are a few scenarios:

1. There is an interruption to the food supply because of a natural disaster somewhere in the world.

There are numerous recent examples of produce jumping way up in price. But with Thrive Life, you can still enjoy fresh, nutritious produce without breaking the bank because you already bought some for your emergency supply before prices went up.

2. There is a viral pandemic and you are quarantined at home.

This would prevent you from going to the grocery store. Grocery stores typically only have a three day supply of food on hand. If a large area is all quarantined, grocery stores will not be able to get new supplies – and you and many others will be limited to what you already have at home to eat. Get my Virus Home Care Checklist here.

3. You can’t get out of your home because of a severe storm, or you have to leave your home in a rush to be safe.

This happened to many Calgarians in the 2013 flood, or consider the recent emergencies in Texas and other areas! Thrive Life food can either help you weather the storm at home, or can be easily packed into the back of your vehicle to take with you (freeze dried food weighs very little). With Thrive Life, you have the added benefit of being able to eat any of it right from the can if you do not have electricity to cook with or enough clean water to rehydrate it.

4. There is political and/or civil upheaval.

Maybe riots are happening in your city and it’s not safe to go out. Martial law might even be put into effect. With our current political climate and protests already turning violent in many instances, this isn’t such an “out there” possibility anymore. Just stay at home and cook up some delish Thrive recipes!

5. There is an economic collapse and a run on the banks.

There is panic and disorder. You cannot access your money. Many people are standing in long, tedious lineups with cranky people to get food for their family. Not you! You have your emergency supply.

6. Personal Crisis

A personal crisis like a death in the family, sudden injury, sudden loss of income or major unexpected expense can make it very difficult to get out to buy groceries and cook meals. This is also a time to consider dipping into an emergency food supply that allows you to make yummy meals with minimal prep time and minimal effort.

7. Nuclear Disaster

And not to sound alarmist, but given current politics it is a possibility… There is a nuclear strike on the earth, causing a portion of our food supply to be unfit for consumption. This could also shoot up grocery prices and cause a run on the grocery stores regardless of how close you are to the strike. Having food that is sealed and safe to eat could be hugely beneficial in this scenario. In this case, you may also wish to have some Potassium Iodide tablets on hand, to protect your thyroid in case of radiation. They are available on Amazon. 


While we would like to think these scenarios wouldn’t happen, recent events including severe weather, violent protests, disillusionment with politicians, terrorism attacks and economic uncertainty all point to the wisdom in understanding the times we live in and being prepared. You don’t want to be the one hoping others take pity on you during a crisis. I would rather be in a position to help others than be the one relying on others’ kindness.

Now of course, Thrive Life isn’t the only emergency food option out there. But here are a few reasons why I think it is far superior to any other option I have researched.

Six Reasons to Choose Thrive Life:

1. Long Lasting

Thanks to Nutrilock technology, most Thrive Life products have a 10-25 year shelf life provided they are unopened and stored properly (I store mine in a cold room, though this isn’t necessary. Room temperature of 75F/23C or less works). You won’t be throwing your emergency supply out and restocking every five or so years! It is a superior food preservation option to dehydrating or canning, because it isn’t adding sugars/salts (the caloric value is the same as its fresh equivalent) and will be better preserved. Look at how amazing Thrive Life’s cranberries look compared to a typical dehydrated cranberry:

Emergency Food - Dehydrated vs Freeze Dried

2. Tastes Great While Staying Simple

Thrive Life tastes great and is easy to use. You don’t need a lot of tools to eat it as the produce is already chopped up and the meats are precooked and diced. Ideally you will still be able to rehydrate and mix together foods to make meals, but if not, the food is edible and nutritious right from the can.

Learn more from my Best Mom Hack – Easier blog post.

3. Nutritionally Superior

Thrive Life is nutritionally superior to many other options, including grocery store fresh produce, frozen and canned food. Because it is picked when ripe, immediately flash frozen and then freeze dried with minimal heat to preserve the full nutritional spectrum, you are getting the nutrients you need to keep your body healthy during a stressful situation, without MSG, salts, sugar, hydrogenated oils, preservatives, hormones (in the meats) or artificial flavours and colours. And the produce is non-GMO! Freeze dried foods typically have 95% or more nutritional value of their fresh food equivalents and the enzymes remain intact. A crisis is not the time to be eating nutritionally deficient, subpar food! Your mind and body need the best!

Learn more from my Best Mom Hack – Healthier blog post.

4. Purity and Quality

I have seen other freeze dried food marketed with similar benefits as Thrive Life, but it is not as pure of a product and it costs more! Many of Thrive’s foods only have ONE ingredient – the actual food item! Thrive Life is free of preservatives, MSG, added salt/sugar (unless stated as some meats have salt/pepper), hydrogenated oils, sulfites (except for a couple products in which case it is clearly listed), artificial hormones, and artificial flavours and colours. It is only sourced from regions where quality and zero lead contamination can be guaranteed. The produce is non-GMO, and many products are certified gluten-free. And the cans are BPA-free.

Learn more from my Best Mom Hack – Fresher blog post.

5. Cost Effective

With monthly and semi-annual sales, free and half off referral credit and more, there are so many ways to save money with Thrive, that having a quality emergency supply is a feasible goal for most families.

Use my shop link to save 15% and get free shipping.

6. Easy to Use the Website

Thrive Life has a very simple “Monthly Delivery” system for customers. You can turn it on and off too with a click of the button – so you are not getting roped into anything! (This was really important to me!) You can choose when and what you order. As a delivery customer, you’ll get wholesale discounts, monthly specials and the option of free shipping. Plus you’ll get a free referral link, which you can share with your friends, familly or social media followers in order to get free food credit from their orders!

I also offer an online flipbook Thrive Guide to all my blog subscribers. In it you’ll find info about the food, monthly specials and screenshots to help you manage your account. 

Don’t Stop There!

Did you know most Thrive Life Fans use the food on a regular basis? It makes for high quality, super fast meals because there is no washing, chopping, or defrosting involved! Plus the food has an amazing full flavour – like you picked it right from your own garden. It would be a tragedy to let it just sit on a shelf for 20 years! I have a first-in, first-out system with my Thrive Life food. You’ll love incorporating this simple, clean food into your meals.

And it’s important you feel confident with how to cook with your Thrive Life food. A great way to learn about our food line and get some recipe ideas is by trying out Simple Plate meal kits first, or read my Best Mom Hack Blog Series.

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*I am a Thrive Life Independent Consultant. You can read about why I chose this is an additional income for my family right here. 

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