Incorporating Thrive Life into Your Every Day Cooking

Thrive Life has been absolutely amazing to incorporate into my monthly grocery shopping routine. While Thrive is the ideal option for your emergency supply, it is also wonderfully easy and delicious for daily use! And while you may still have your favourite grocery brand or farmer’s market items, the simplicity of Thrive Life makes it so easy to work into your routine, while you saving you time and keeping it within your monthly budget.

Here are a few of the amazing benefits (but I’m sure you will discover more once you start using it):

1.) You order on your computer using a very easy to navigate online system (called the Q) when it is convenient for you, and it gets delivered to your door (usually in a week or even less in my experience). While grocery stores are beginning to offer “click and collect” online ordering options, you still have to pick it up at a scheduled time. And well – it’s grocery store food – which brings me to my next point.

2.) Their produce is fresher than fresh! Just go to this link to read about how the maximum amount of nutrition is locked in through the freeze drying process. And you are not sacrificing on taste – I find it is actually more flavourful in many cases. The quality is also incredible, with no added preservatives etc – just the food as if you pulled it out of your own garden.

3.) It is super convenient and fast, with pre-chopped vegetables and fruit, precooked meat, and many instant pasta options. Just rehydrate and go (and many items make great snacks straight from the can). If you want to make life even simpler for yourself, I also like to prep jar meals in advance (just measure and layer in the ingredients and add a note for how to prepare).

And here are those two jar meals cooked up:

4.) Speaking of snacking, my one year old and two year old DEVOUR Thrive Life food. I’ve had to lock the cupboard I store my pantry cans in so they don’t eat it all! They will even eat things like peppers, corn, peas and zucchini right from the can, not to mention the delicious fruit! As a mom who tries really hard to give my children balanced meals, it feels so great to see them eating healthy food! And you get cute pictures like this one:

5.) You also have virtually no waste, unlike regular produce. For example, a can of Thrive broccoli is 100% usable. A head of broccoli from the grocery store you pay for by weight, and then you cut the stem of it off and that money goes in the trash or compost with it! Now that I’m incorporating Thrive produce quite regularly into my routine, I have significantly reduced my organic waste. Most weeks I don’t even fill up the one small can for compost that I have on my counter. (Less weird smells – yay!)

6.) In addition to the above, you are also throwing out less food that you forget to use before it goes bad, as the majority of Thrive Life products will be good for one year after opening in your pantry. I always felt sick about throwing out food I simply forgot to use – that happens way less now, because if I am going to the grocery store for produce etc, it is usually for a specific recipe and I have a plan to use it within a couple days.

7.) You can make room in your fridge or freezer for other things and leave Thrive foods in your pantry or cupboards. Now my husband can go crazy on his barbecue and hot sauce collection! (Don’t get into a spicy food competition with him. He will beat you, and you will be crying on the toilet the next day!)

Thrive Life food limitations:

I absolutely love how all the vegetables and meat are pre-chopped, which makes it super simple and fast to do soup, casseroles, sauces, stir fries, etc. but you would still buy grocery store produce if you say wanted to make stuffed peppers or grate zucchini into spaghetti noodles. Same goes if you wanted to barbecue a steak or a chicken breast. For me, Thrive Life produce and meats have become my “good to have on hand” food, but I still buy certain items from the grocery store for specific dishes. Like I mention in point #6, this has really helped me reduce my accidental waste.

For all these benefits it must be really expensive right? Nope! I write about specific strategies for getting the most value for your dollar right here.

*I am a Thrive Life Independent Consultant. You can read about why I chose this as an additional income for my family right here. Check out their products on my Thrive website:

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