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That’s the conclusion I came to a few years’ back when I started taking steps to use healthier products on my skin and around our home. I was nervous to try a natural deodorant though. At the time I worked out frequently, was teaching dance fitness and my past experiences (from being around others who used natural deodorants) was, well… less than pleasant.

I tried a few different brands out with “meh” results, and even went a while with just washing frequently (I don’t recommend that), but thankfully my friend Nicole introduced me to a local to Calgary option, Veggiewitch Cream Deodorant.


(as per the website – each scent has different essential oils):

Veggiewitch has become my deodorant of choice and I don’t feel the need to look for anything else. My husband Nathan uses them too and weighs in on this review.

The Transition

If you up to this point have been using typical stick deo or antiperspirant, then you are going to go through a “detox” phase to unblock your pit pores. This can mean your armpits are itchy for the first few days as your lymphatic system clears out the built up gunk. My experience was that it went away after less than a week, but I had already been reducing my typical antiperspirant use at that point, so it is likely to vary.

Nathan: I didn’t notice the itching issue when I switched over. For me the transition involved figuring out how much I needed to get a lasting result.

Application & Feel

Veggiewitch has a smooth whipped cream texture. It comes in jar with a lid and you use your fingers to apply it. At first it might seem weird to not use a stick – but I actually prefer it now. Using my fingers, it is really easy to put in on under my shirts without worrying about the deodorant getting my clothing dirty or stretching the fabric.

Nathan: You have to be careful to keep it at room temperature. I can’t keep it in my office where I have my computer servers because it gets too warm, and it will melt and reduce in volume. So I keep mine in my bar fridge and just warm it in my fingers before applying. You can refrigerate it to get it solid again but better to not let it melt in the first place.


I love the wide variety of scents because I get bored easily.  I usually order a couple at a time so I can switch it up depending on my mood. So far my favourites are Pumpkin Chai and Peach Lavender. They are a pleasant scent – noticeable when first putting it on but not overpowering.

Keep in mind that essential oils are used to make the scent (she even has a Thieves one!) which is so much healthier than ambiguous “fragrance,” but be aware of skin sensitivities. I get enflamed skin from lotions and creams that have citrus in them so I avoid anything with that. I tried the Lemongrass Bergamot (now discontinued), which was a lovely smell but it did make my armpits red and itchy (more itchy than just the “detox” phase did) so I passed it on to my hubby. When my son was an infant, I chose to use the very mild coconut scent so it wouldn’t disrupt him when I was breastfeeding. Denise (maker and owner) is very accessible through Facebook messenger and I have been able to ask her any questions I have about the product through that medium.

Nathan: I like the Dragon’s Blood and Pumpkin Chai scents. I miss the Vanilla Chai though (bring it baaaaack!)

Durability & Effectiveness

Let’s talk about what really counts. As a Zumba (dance fitness) instructor, I would put this on before class and be able to go hard for the whole hour, but I wasn’t worrying about smelling throughout the class (like I had been with other natural deodorants or even regular style ones). I also find for a typical day (with light to moderate exercise) I only have to apply in the morning and I’m good all day. This is VERY RARE to find in a natural deodorant!

Like the label says, “Everyone sweats, but nobody has to stink!” Veggiewitch isn’t going to be that antiperspirant that plugs up your glands to stop you from sweating, but it is very effective at reducing unwanted odour.

Nathan: On a typical workday (I do IT which doesn’t usually involve breaking too much of a sweat) this deodorant holds up all day. If I am going out again in the evening I like to reapply just to make sure I’m still covered.

Price & Value

Veggiewitch costs $30 for a 4oz jar or $18 for a 2oz jar (from the website, CND dollars). This is a little more than some other natural deodorants on the market, but considering you don’t have to apply it 10 times a day and you only need to apply about a dime sized amount, I find it is still good value. The 4oz jars last me about 6 – 8 weeks of regular use, depending on how much I am working out. Now that I am not regularly teaching dance fitness and am mostly at home, I find I can stretch them longer.

Nathan: It is pricier but I prefer to pay for what works rather than save a little bit and end up with an inferior (or downright ineffective) product. Plus I like the “not putting potential carcinogens into my body” aspect of it!

Final Thoughts

My overall consensus is, if you are looking to try a natural deodorant but you are nervous about maintaining odour control, you should definitely try Veggiewitch!

This spring I got to test out an all-natural stick deodorant that Denise is working on. Once the formula is perfected and it’s on the market, this is going to be a great option for folks wanting something more portable, or for those looking to make the switch to natural while sticking with a more typical form.

*I purchased the products that I used to facilitate my review! These are our honest opinions based on about two years of using this product.

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