How to Get the Best Value for your Dollar with Thrive Life

As a mom trying to stick to a budget, I am all too familiar with the feeling of shock and disgust (though at this point it isn’t much of a shock anymore) after the cashier at the grocery store rings through my total. But we have to spend money on food in one form or another. That’s why I choose to dedicate a portion of my monthly grocery budget to Thrive Life freeze dried food – a nutritionally superior, clean, convenient, high quality product that I don’t end up accidentally wasting.

“But what about the exchange and the shipping? It’s so much more expensive than grocery store food!”

The truth is that you can still keep to or even see a reduction in your overall food budget from using Thrive Life foods, even with the US dollar exchange. But it takes a STRATEGY. In this blog post, I’m going to give you my best advice for keeping Thrive Life food an affordable option. But first, I want to point out that just because you aren’t seeing the price breakdown like you do when ordering online with Thrive, you are still paying for exchange and shipping when you buy from the grocery store. You can read examples of how food has jumped up in price in the last few years here from Statistics Canada.

And if you are thinking, well maybe there is another freeze dried option that is less expensive? Well I welcome you to do the research. From what I have found, Thrive Life is still the best price for this kind of quality product even in Canada. And if you think you have found another freeze dried option that is less, please read the label. Is it free of preservatives, MSG, gluten, added salt/sugar, hydrogenated oils, hormones (in the meat), and artificial flavours and colours, and only sourced from regions where quality can be guaranteed? Thrive Life stands out from the rest for its quality and purity of ingredients.

So, onto the strategies part of this post! Here are my TOP FIVE WAYS to get the best value for your dollar with Thrive Life:

1.) Join the Q.
This is the Thrive Life membership program that offers a 3% back rewards program plus access to the best sale items each month. The Q is free too when you order three months in a row at a budget of $100 or more (USD, before shipping) and once you have it you got it for life without any renewal fees. After the 3 months you can pause ordering or change your budget. Ideally whatever you buy from Thrive, you aren’t duplicating that purchase at your local grocery store too that month, so you are working it into your grocery budget rather than adding to it.

“But I just want to order a few things to try it out.”

Well, remember that there is a huge number of items to try out, and you really aren’t going to be able to decide if you like cooking with and eating Thrive Life foods unless you try a decent variety of things. So even if you are in a trial phase, the Q is still your best option to really get a full understanding of the potential of the food. And if you think you just want to order occasionally throughout the year, then still consider ordering three months in a row and then just storing the food until you are ready to eat it. That way you get the Q-pon (members only sale items), and you will have the life-long membership  even if you don’t keep ordering every month.

2.) Choose some Thrive Life recipes you would like to make and buy the ingredients for these recipes.
If you just buy Thrive food to snack on, you probably aren’t going to see much of a decrease in your monthly food budget. It’s when you start cooking with it that you really get to see the value. Thrive Life has lots of recipes to choose from on it’s website, including jar meals which are great for preparing in advance as an alternative to eating out or buying an expensive pre-prepared grocery store meal on busy days. Now you can even buy Starter Boxes that give you the ingredients and the recipes you need to whip up tasty, nutritious meals.

Pictured: Thrive Life Shepherd’s Pie, recipe available in the Ground Beef Starter Box.

3.) When an item you like and use regularly goes on sale, stock up!
Most Thrive Life freeze dried foods last 25 years unopened and one year once opened. So if you have the space in your home (I have my storehouse in the basement), buy extras when items go on sale! I almost exclusively buy monthly sale items at this point, unless it is something I really need for certain recipes or something that rarely goes on sale. Each month there is a Q members only Q-pon (a 30% discount) plus other items on sale, plus a free shipping Canada Pack. You can join my mailing list to get the monthly sales information.

4.) Host a Tasting Event
When you sign up to host a tasting through me, the party can be online (a Facebook event), in person or a combination of the two. Of course, in-person parties let people experience the food, but online is a great option too if you want to invite out of town friends and family, or just aren’t able at this time to invite guests to your home. As a host, you get 10% back in free food from your total party sales, plus more food at 50% off. And your total party sales add up really quickly when your guests join the Q, because their first month’s Q order is multiplied by three. And if you have already ordered with Thrive or signed up on the Q prior to hosting a tasting, your previous order counts towards your total party sales too! Using these methods, the average in-person tasting event makes $1,000 in sales, which equals $100 in free food for the host and more.

5.) Sign up as a Thrive Life Consultant
You get to be your own customer when you sign up as a consultant. All it takes is purchasing one of the consultant kits, the most popular one being the Social Seller for $129.99. Plus if you are considering joining the Q anyways, you can sign up as a consultant and do your first three months at a minimum purchase of $50/month instead of $100. With the Social Seller Kit, that ends up being $279 over three months instead of $300. As your own customer, you still get your Q Rewards, plus 5% back on all your Q orders for anything over $50, and then 10% back on any orders your make outside your monthly Q order.

Honestly, I wish I had signed up as a consultant right away! I could have gotten that additional 5 and 10 percent back right from the get go! And the other great part is you still get the host benefits on top of your cash commission when you host your own tasting. Take for example the great stash of free and half-off food I got for hosting a tasting in my first full month as a consultant (and this was separate from the other free food and extra commission I received for hitting sales targets). Not to mention that when you are getting paid commission in US dollars, the exchange doesn’t seem so bad!

Other ways I’ve found I’ve saved money with Thrive Life:

To summarize, making the shift to ordering Thrive Life doesn’t need to obliterate your monthly food budget. Here’s how I’ve found it helps me save:

  • By ordering food online through the Q’s system where you pick your food and the date you want it to process, I make fewer trips to the grocery store and make fewer impulse buys.
  • I am saving money on eating out by cooking with Thrive, by making fast soups, casseroles and stir fries in 30 minutes or less, or prepping jar meals in advance.
  • I am saving TIME by going to the grocery store less and spending less time preparing meals. (Putting together freezer meals in advance is economical, but it requires time grocery shopping, chopping, pre-cooking, etc, while putting together a selection of jar meals for the week takes me about 20 minutes). Stop slaving away in the kitchen and spend your time on hobbies, entrepreneurial ventures, friends and family!
  • I am not forgetting about food in my fridge and having it go bad as often now. Most Thrive Life food stays stable at room temperature in the can for one year once opened. I have seen a huge decrease in my waste since Thrive has become my choice for “good to have on hand” perishable food while perishables I buy from the grocery store are for specific purposes.

And the most important tip I can give you for saving with Thrive Life is – CHAT WITH ME BEFORE YOU ORDER! I am here for you to help you sort out what food will be best for your lifestyle and ensure you know the best options for saving.

I am a Thrive Life Independent Consultant. You can learn more or place an order at

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