Top Ways to Get the Best Value on Groceries with Thrive Life

As a mom trying to stick to a budget, I am all too familiar with the feeling of shock and disgust (though at this point it isn’t much of a shock anymore) after the cashier at the grocery store rings through my total. You can go through the express till with just a few items and nearly spend $100! But we have to spend money on food in one form or another. That’s why I choose to dedicate a portion of my monthly grocery budget to Thrive Life freeze dried food – a nutritionally superior, clean, convenient, high quality product that reduces my food waste. This is the primary reason I am a Thrive Life Independent Consultant (see Disclosure).

“But what about the exchange and the shipping? It’s so much more expensive than grocery store food!”

Is it?

The truth is that you can still keep to or even see a reduction in your overall food budget from using Thrive Life foods, even with the US dollar exchange if you are in Canada, especially with the free shipping option! But there are some strategies to help it be even more cost effective.

But first, I want to point out that just because you aren’t seeing the price breakdown like you do when ordering online with Thrive, you are still paying for exchange and shipping when you buy from the grocery store. You can read examples of how food has jumped up in price in the last few years here from Statistics Canada.

And if you are thinking, well maybe there is another freeze dried option that is less expensive? From the research I have done, Thrive Life is still the best price for this kind of quality product even in Canada. Being a direct sales model business works out in your favour as there are even more ways to save. Plus, instead of having a huge advertising budget, the company puts that money back into it’s best customers – Consultants and Tasting Hosts.

And if you think you have found another freeze dried option that is less, please read the label…

Is it free of preservatives, MSG, added salt/sugar, hydrogenated oils, sulfites,* artificial hormones, and artificial flavours and colours? Is it only sourced from regions where quality and zero lead contamination can be guaranteed? Is the produce non-GMO? Is it certified gluten-free? Is the packaging BPA-free?

Thrive Life stands out from the rest for its quality and purity of ingredients.

If you scroll to the end you’ll see I’ve listed a few other “hidden” ways Thrive Life saves me money. And of course, you can always read what the company has to say about saving you money too. One of the keys is how much less food you are wasting, which is a major issue in North America. Here are some Canadian stats on food waste from the Waste Reduction Week website. Can you relate to this?

But on to my strategies. Here are my TOP FIVE WAYS to get the best value for your dollar with Thrive Life:


1.) Become a Preferred Customer (for free) and get Fan Perks like free shipping.

This is the Thrive Life membership program that offers a 3% back rewards program plus access to the best sale items each month. Plus, as a Preferred Customer, you get free shipping on your deliveries when you spend $100 or more on preferred items (the preferred items make up the majority of what Thrive Life sells). While the membership is valued at $79.99 usd, you can become a Preferred Customer for FREE when you do three deliveries (of any dollar amount) over a 90 day period. There are no renewal fees either. After the 90 days you can stop ordering, stretch out your orders more, or whatever you like. Ideally whatever you buy from Thrive, you aren’t duplicating that purchase at your local grocery store too that month, so you are working it into your grocery budget rather than adding to it.

“But I just want to order a few things to try it out.”

Well, remember that there is a huge number of items to try out, and you really aren’t going to be able to decide if you like cooking with and eating Thrive Life foods unless you try a decent variety of things. So even if you are in a trial phase, becoming a Preferred Customer is still your best option to really get a full understanding of the potential of the food. And if you think you just want to order occasionally throughout the year, then still consider three orders within that 90 days and then just storing the food until you are ready to eat it. That way you get the members-only sale items, the rewards points, and you’ll qualify for free shipping even if you don’t keep ordering regularly. The only “catch,” if you can call it that, is remembering to order at least once every 180 days (about six months) to keep your Grocery Rewards points and your Preferred Customer status. But budgeting some of your groceries to Thrive Life twice a year isn’t a burden, and you will likely find that you really like it’s versatility and want it more often than that!

“I really just want to order one time though. I don’t mind paying shipping.”

I hear you! Sometimes it’s hard to commit, especially when it takes a change in how you do things like your grocery shopping routine. But what if you decide you LOVE the food and want to keep ordering? If you are doing a one-time order and willing to pay the shipping anyways, just split up your order into three to get that preferred customer status. For example, if you were planning on spending about $150 on Thrive Life food as a one-time order, just split it up into three orders of $50 and become a Preferred Customer! And later on when you order again, try to hit that $100 mark to get the free shipping (because it’s not like the food is going to go bad on you, right?!)

2.) Shop with a plan: choose some Thrive Life recipes you would like to make and buy the ingredients for these recipes.

If you just buy Thrive food to snack on, you probably aren’t going to see much of a decrease in your monthly food budget. It’s when you start cooking with it that you really get to see the value. Thrive Life has lots of recipes to choose from on it’s website, including jar meals which are great for preparing in advance as an alternative to eating out or buying an expensive pre-prepared grocery store meal on busy days. And now Thrive Life makes it even easier by offering a full tour of Thrive Life and $20 off your first order. You’ll get 3 Simple Plate Meal Kits, a healthier and more cost effective option than eating out, a Chef’s Pack of your choice that provides you with ingredients and recipes (like this Shepherd’s Pie below), and 8 Snackies Pouches to test out the fruit or other healthy snacking options. This helps make sure you actually use your Thrive groceries and learn how to cook with them to save you time and money in your kitchen.

Pictured: Thrive Life Shepherd’s Pie, recipe available in the Ground Beef Chef’s Pack.

3.) When an item you like and use regularly goes on sale, stock up!

Most Thrive Life freeze dried foods last 10-25 years unopened and one year once opened at room temperature. So if you have the space in your home (I have my storehouse in the basement), buy extras when items go on sale! I almost exclusively buy monthly sale items at this point, unless it is something I really need for certain recipes or something that rarely goes on sale. Each month there is a Preferred Customer only deal (a 30% discount) plus other items on sale. You can join my mailing list to get the monthly sales information, and the monthly sales also show up as a category when you are filling up your Grocery Box under My Deliveries.

4.) Host a Tasting Event

When you sign up to host a tasting through me, the party can be online (a Facebook event), in person or a combination of the two. Of course, in-person parties let people experience the food, but online is a great option too if you want to invite out of town friends and family, or just aren’t able at this time to invite guests to your home. As a host, you get 10% back in free food from your total party sales, plus more food at 50% off. And your total party sales add up really quickly when your guests become Preferred Members, because their first order is multiplied by three and counted towards your total sales. And if you have already ordered with Thrive Life or signed up as a Preferred Customer prior to hosting a tasting, your previous order counts towards your total party sales too! Using these methods, the average in-person tasting event makes $1,000 in sales, which equals $100 in free food for the host and more half-off food!

Here is what Cheryl, one of my tasting hosts, had to say about her experience (her free and half off food is pictured below):

“What a surprise to receive this free and half off food for putting on a Thrive Life party! Thank you Thrive and Kayleigh for the help in getting more efficient in faster meal prep, long-term food storage and less waste. I especially like the freeze dried chopped onions – ease of use and no tears!”

5.) Buy a Consultant Starter Kit (and that doesn’t mean you have to work it like a business!)

You get to be your own customer when you sign up as a consultant. All it takes is purchasing one of the consultant kits, the most popular one being the Social Seller for $129.99, which is actually a great selection of Simple Plate and grocery items all on it’s own, plus you get the Thrive Guide and other helpful info on using the food. And if you are considering joining as a Preferred Customer and making Thrive Life part of your monthly grocery budget anyways, why not get the additional monthly cash back on your own purchases? As a consultant, you still get all the Preferred Customer perks, plus 5% back on your recurring deliveries for anything over $50, and then 10% back on the full cost of any one-time orders your make outside your regular deliveries. (See the Career Plan for a full description). And to keep that consultant status, all you have to do is do a delivery order at least once every 180 days.

Honestly, I wish I had signed up as a consultant right away! I could have gotten that additional 5 and 10 percent back right from the get go! And the other great part is you still get the host benefits on top of your cash commission when you host your own tasting. Take for example the amazing stash of free and half-off food I got for hosting a tasting in my first full month as a consultant (and this was separate from the other free food and extra commission I received for hitting sales targets). Not to mention that when you are getting paid commission in US dollars, the exchange doesn’t seem so bad!

And if you do decide to join my team and work it like a business, I’m here for you! Thrive Life has a great online training course, plus we’d be in regular communication to help you get the ball rolling (and keep the momentum going)!

Other Cost Savings to Consider When Purchasing Thrive Life

There are a few not as obvious ways Thrive Life food has helped save me money too:

  • By ordering food online through the My Deliveries system where you pick your food and the date you want it to process, I make fewer trips to the grocery store and make fewer impulse buys.
  • I am saving money on eating out by cooking with Thrive Life prechopped food, by making fast soups, casseroles and stir fries in 30 minutes or less, or prepping jar meals in advance.
  • I am saving TIME by going to the grocery store less and spending less time preparing meals. (Putting together freezer meals in advance is economical, but it requires time grocery shopping, chopping, pre-cooking, etc, while putting together a selection of jar meals for the week takes me about 20 minutes). Stop slaving away in the kitchen and spend your time on hobbies, entrepreneurial ventures, friends and family!
  • With Thrive foods, EVERYTHING in the can is usable! Think about it. With meat, you are paying for it in weight, which includes the packaging and the fat you are cutting off. When you pay for grocery store produce by weight, that includes cores, pits, peels, stems etc. What percentage of those items you pay for from the grocery store are just getting thrown away? It all adds up!
  • And one of my biggest cost savings: I am not forgetting about food in my fridge and having it go bad as often now. Most Thrive Life food stays stable at room temperature in the can for one year once opened. I have seen a significant decrease in my food waste since Thrive Life has become my choice for “good to have on hand” food while perishables I buy from the grocery store are for specific purposes and get used promptly.

And the most important tip I can give you for saving with Thrive Life is – chat with me before you order! I am here for you to help you sort out what food will be best for your lifestyle and ensure you know the best options for saving. And I can help you get wholesale pricing and $20 off your first order. 

I am a Thrive Life Independent Consultant. Read more about why I chose this additional income for my family here. You can learn more or place an order at (or .ca for Canadians). You can also contact me through my Thrive Life Facebook page @kmeyers.thrivelife.

*A note on sulfites: Virtually all Thrive Life food is sulfite free except for a couple items, such as potato chunks or ham dices. These ingredients will be clearly posted on the product label, never hidden. Please check the product labels to make sure you are comfortable with the ingredients listed. The majority of Thrive Life foods have ONE ingredient – the food item itself, nothing added!

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