I’m writing this post to clarify for my Thrive Life customers, and those interested in learning more, the difference between Thrive Life’s “My Deliveries” plans and one-time ordering. There is actually a case to be made to do a combination of both, depending on what you are getting, so hopefully this will help you with your ordering strategy and help you save some bucks along the way too!

To join as a deliveries customer and get all the perks, go to Our Plans. In the drop down here you can choose between Grocery Box (all the grocery items in cans and pouches) or Simple Plate (with Simple Plate you can do only the meal kits or choose a combination of that and Grocery Box items). It is fully customizable.

As a new customer, when you first go to the Thrive Life website, you’ll see two options for placing orders – “Our Plans” and “Groceries.” “Our Plans” lays out the option of signing up for regular deliveries of Simple Plate meal kits, grocery box items, or a combination of the two. When you go to “Groceries – Shop Groceries,” you can do a one-time (no commitment) order of only grocery items.

When you do a one-time order under “Groceries,” you:
  • Do not need to login as a member
  • Are just ordering something as soon as you check out, not setting up a delivery date
  • Can order any of the grocery items, starter boxes or packs, but NOT the Simple Plate meal kits
  • Do not get access to the members-only monthly sale item(s)
  • Will pay for shipping on each item, with a minimum shipping of $10
  • Do not get grocery rewards points on your orders (however, as a member this is where you go to cash in on your grocery rewards points – more on that below)

When you sign up for a plan you are joining what is called “My Deliveries.” This means that you can schedule orders in advance. You can pick weekly, twice a month, or monthly, as well as put off or totally stop your orders for as long as you would like, keeping in mind that you want to do a deliveries order once every six months to keep your Preferred Customer or Consultant status.

If you are a new customer, once you have gone through the steps of picking your order combination and creating a username and password, you’ll see you have these three options, with different perks accordingly:

Unless you are choosing a consultant kit, if you are setting yourself up as a deliveries customer, choose Preferred Customer and check off “3 deliveries in 90 days” to join for free.

I’ve made a pretty large note here to NOT pick the Basic Customer option, and it isn’t because I’m trying to upsell you. I want you to have a good experience with Thrive Life. If you really do not want to commit to three orders within 90 days in order to get the lifelong Preferred Customer membership for free, then just go back and do a one-time order using that “Groceries” tab for now. Personally, I don’t see the point in setting up the delivery service without getting the free shipping option, grocery points, etc. If you think you will order regularly enough to start the deliveries, then you want to be a Preferred Member.

For more details on how becoming a Preferred Customer or even a Consultant (you don’t have to turn it into a business, you can just get the extra cash back on your own orders), see my blog post on “How to Get the Best Value for your Dollar.” It’s actually really simple and doesn’t need to involve spending that much extra, as you could just take what your initial one-time order was going to be and split it up into three orders within 90 days. And like I stated above, you don’t have to be gun-shy of a long-term commitment, because after those three orders you can pause or stop your delivery plan for up to six months without losing your Preferred Customer status or your uncashed Grocery Rewards Points.

In the case of becoming a Consultant, you have to do at least a $50 delivery order once every six months to maintain Consultant status. It absolutely makes sense to “be your own customer” if you are going to treat Thrive Life as a regular or semi-regular part of your grocery shopping. There isn’t a “catch.” You’re just saving more money on what you are buying than someone who is only a Preferred or Basic Customer, and learning about new products and initiatives from the company sooner. If you have people signed up under you, you’ll want to do a minimum $50 delivery order in any month someone orders through you in order to earn that commission. This reflects the need for Consultants to be using the food themselves in order to be able to share about the food with others with knowledge and integrity. 

So to recap, this is what you are doing when you sign up for a Delivery Plan:
  • Committing to three orders (of any price point) within 90 days so you get the membership for free (I NEVER recommend people pay the fee for the membership – $80 could buy you a lot of food instead).
  • Getting the option of free shipping when you spend $100 on preferred items (which include the Simple Plates and the majority of the Grocery Box items). And once you have hit this $100 mark, you only having to pay the actual shipping cost on any non-preferred items, not a $10 minimum like with one-time orders.
  • Collecting Grocery Rewards Points (3% back in discounts on one-time orders for every delivery order).
  • Getting the Preferred Customer only sale items and early access to semi-annual sales.

So I’m a Preferred Customer. What Should My Ordering Strategy Be?

As a Preferred Customer, you are most of the time going to want to order through My Deliveries. You’ll see you get to pick your delivery dates up to three dates in advance, so you can plan it out around when you’ll be paid next or whatever makes sense for you. I’ll also e-mail you the Preferred Customers coupons each month (make sure you are on my mailing list), so factor that into what you order each month too. It makes sense to stock up on sale items of products you like (because it’s not like it’s going to go bad, right?) I provide more strategies for saving money on your purchases here.

If you are a new Preferred Customer working on getting those three deliveries done within your 90 days, then you’ll want to make sure you are actually logging into your deliveries page. So when you go to the website, the “Our Plans” tab will now say “My Deliveries,” and you want to click on that, NOT on “Groceries.” See this picture for a summary:

You’ll be clicking on the My Deliveries tab to edit your next delivery (grocery and Simple Plate orders). If you are doing a one-time order to cash in on your grocery points, you will go to Groceries. Most often as a preferred customer you will want to do delivery orders though, in order to get the free shipping.

As a Preferred Customer, When Might I Use the One-Time “Groceries” Ordering Option?

I think of two good reasons why you may choose to do a one-time order through the Groceries tab in addition to your regular deliveries.

  • You are holding a tasting event and want to add an order on to your party to get more host benefits.

    A tasting event can be as low key or as grandiose as you’d like to make it, and I offer online and in-person party options. So there really is no reason NOT to get host benefits. You can host a tasting more than once – many people choose to do a party once a year to get the free and half-off food host benefits. And remember that a “party” can be as simple as you referring some folks my way. If they place an order with me, I can set you up in my back end as the host. A party needs to be a minimum of two orders, so this is when adding a one-time order on yourself could qualify you for those host benefits, if you are sending one person my way.

  • You want to use your Grocery Rewards points.

    You get these rewards points whenever you make a purchase through My Deliveries, but you cash in on your rewards points through the one-time orders. You can also cash in your points with a host benefits order.

Best Strategy

With one-time orders you won’t have the option of free shipping on $100 of preferred items. So I suggest that when you want to cash in your points, you do it for non-preferred items that you would have to pay shipping on anyways. Examples of non-preferred items include bakery items like the brownie mix or muffins, beans, grains, non-freeze dried produce like mashed potatoes, and the pouch Express Meals. What quite a few customers do when first signing up is they host a tasting, do their first three deliveries as a Preferred Customer over three months, then in the fourth month pause their delivery and use their host benefits for their order that month instead.

Learn More

I hope this has helped clear up questions you may have. You can connect with me through my Thrive Life Facebook page (kmeyers.thrivelife) or visit kmeyers.thrivelife.com (.ca in Canada) to see everything Thrive has to offer!

*I am a Thrive Life Independent Consultant. I receive a commission on Thrive Life orders you place through me. You can see all my Thrive Life related blog posts right here.