“O Diaper Change” – Where My Mind Goes When Singing Christmas Carols

It’s December! How did that happen? I will admit, I am the kind of person who does not want an influx of Christmas songs any time before December 1 (unless it’s a well done spoof of course).

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So when I caught myself humming “O Christmas Tree” to my son while I nursed him before his afternoon nap in EARLY NOVEMBER (we hadn’t even had Remembrance Day yet, what??) I knew I needed to change it up. I found myself reflecting on the last few years of parenthood, and the lyrics morphed into something more familiar to my hashtag mom life experiences.

So as a holiday gift to you, I present, “O Diaper Change.” A special shout out to my mom who noted I seemed to have a “bathroom theme” going on my Twitter feed (I tweet on toddler shenanigans so what do you expect?). And I’d also like to dedicate this ditty to my lovely Mother-in-Law. RIP those white pants you wore that time you changed a newborn diaper for me…

O Diaper Change - Christmas Carol Spoof

VERSE 1: Reflecting on life as a new parent…

O Baby Boo, O Baby Boo,
I think I heard a squirt or two.
O Baby Boo, O Baby Boo,
I think it’s time we change you.

Here you lay, naked on the change table,
When you let SPRAAAAY, the full volcano!!

O Baby Boo, O Baby Boo,
I wish I’d waited to change you.

VERSE 2: When you have a stone tile floor, and your now-toddler is wriggling on the change table…

O Baby Boo, O Baby Boo,
Just stop squirming wouldn’t you?
O Baby Boo, O Baby Boo,
This would be easy if you didn’t move.

What made me think, to give you my phone?
I was weak, now it’s smashed on the stone!

O Baby Boo, O Baby Boo,
I think it’s time we potty-trained you!

If you’d like better ideas for dealing with twisty toddlers on the change table, check out this post. For another song spoof, check out Mommy’s Brush Your Teeth song.

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Funky Fluff It's a WrapThirsties Waddlin Wonderland

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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