Punky Colour Review: Intentional Hair Colour

Punky Colour Review

Simply because I love them, I decided to do a Punky Colour review. Since 2013, Punky Colour by Jerome Russell has been my go-to “fun colour” option. But what may not be obvious is that I choose colours with intention. Colours reflect my season of life, personal goals and spirituality. And creative outlets have helped me through my postpartum anxiety recovery. The fun colours help me feel more cheerful!

Does that sound bonkers to you? Why, at 30 and with two toddlers, would I choose to wear turquoise, purple, or my latest – lime green – in my hair? I’ll get to that in a bit, but first here are my thoughts on why Punky Colour is my favourite!

Punky Colour Review - pin it

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Long Lasting

While all colorful hair dyes are semi-permanent, Jerome Russell’s Punky Color visibly lasts longer than other colours I have tried. When I’ve done multiple colours in my hair with varying brands, the Punky Colour shades didn’t fade nearly as fast. The banner picture was taken two weeks after the colour was applied, and it is still very vibrant. Mine usually lasts two months, though it does fade to more of a pastel by the end. Here are a few tips for keeping the colour in for longer.

  • Use a high quality colour saving shampoo (right now my favourite is Redken’s sulfate-free Color Extend Magnetics shampoo, which you can get here in Canada or the U.S.)
  • Wash your hair in cold water. Yes, I take cold showers even in Canada in winter! But that’s okay, I have toddlers so my showers are always short. You can also buy dry shampoo to help extend colour.

Good Packaging Makes it Easy to Apply

I like the tubs because it is easy to take a brush (or gloved fingers) and apply colour right onto my hair. I don’t even have to get out another container unless I’m mixing two colours. It’s also much easier to get the full use of what you purchased, as sometimes it is hard to get the last amounts of product from a tube.

I use a bleach kit to lighten my hair so I get the full vibrancy of the colour. You can talk to your hair dresser about what mixture is best for you. (I use developer level 20 on my light brown, Caucasian hair). After applying, I let it sit for an hour or more before washing it out (this is a good excuse to watch a movie). Here I am chillin’ out waiting for my latest colour to take:

Punky Colour review - application

Lots of Options

Punky Colour Review - sunset hair

Sunset hair blend

See their full line of colours here. They blend well together, and they have a pastel shade adjuster for lightening. I like they have nuances in their colours – varying reds, blues, pinks, etc. For instance I have Flamingo Pink and Rose Red, and while it is not a huge difference, it is enough that I like having both options.

All the colours mean you can get creative too! I apply multiple colours at the same time, and have no issues with them bleeding into each other. You can blend together the “middle” between two colours though so it flows.

I encourage you to try them out! You can order Punky Colours plus all the supplies you need online. See the Shop This Post links at the bottom of this post.

And now for my colour journey!

Intentional Colour

Punky Hair Colour - Intentional Hair Pin It

For me, colour has deep personal meaning. I go through seasons where I’m drawn to different colours as a way to express what is in my heart, encourage my soul or remember my goals and values. And what better reminder than looking in the mirror every day?

Colour Was like a New Beginning

Punky Colour review - turquoise

Professional colour application – it was my hair dresser who suggested to keep it up with Punky Colour Turquoise

I first had my hair coloured in January 2013 with a peek-a-boo turquoise streak to my hair. I had just been laid off from my job, which can happen to the best of us. The way I got laid off, however, was rather stressful. I knew the company was restructuring. On the last Friday before Christmas holidays started, I overheard my manager and HR talking about laying me off through the office walls. So I knew that on the first day back to work in 2013, I would be given a severance package. (Yes, it made for a bit of a downer of a Christmas break!) That day I chose to wear a teal-green sweater to remind myself to focus on my potential and new opportunities. A couple weeks later I got my first teal streak, as a creative boost and reminder of good things ahead.

I can look back at 2013 and say despite some losses, it was a FANTASTIC year! I started teaching Zumba, danced in a hip hop performance, and began taking on writing contracts from home. And it was the year I started my mom journey. I found out I was pregnant on Halloween!

Colour Meanings

Colour can have different meanings depending on your cultural background and personal experiences. I often do a variety of colours at once. Below are some examples of what colours mean to me on an emotional and spiritual level.

Turquoise: wisdom, DEPTH OF FEELING, growth & healing

Turquoise has been a near-constant colour for me. It’s a source of inspiration as I’ve adjusted my priorities, learned from motherhood and recovered from postpartum anxiety.

Purple: beauty, dignity & royalty

Purple reminds me that I am a daughter of a majestic Creator, and that I have access to spiritual insight.

Punky Colour review - purple atlantic blue turquoise

Application done myself with Punky Colour Purple, Atlantic Blue and Turquoise

Pink: joy, love & passion

All things I want more of in life! I used pink with my first pregnancy to announce I was having a girl! Here is my daughter with Flamingo Pink in her hair (she loved it).

Punky Colour review - flamingo pink

Flamingo pink hair for my daughter’s crazy hair day at preschool!

Orange: harvest Time

Orange for me reflects a time to reap from the hard work I’ve put in. And it also spurs my undying love for my football team, the BC Lions!

Punky Colour review - flame

Using Punky Colour Flame

Red: Love for Canada

Red is a visible reminder for love for my country and our people. It’s also a reminder for me to pray for Canadians and our government.

Punky Colour review - red hair

Red for Canada Day! I blended Punky Colours Rose Red and Flame together to get this vibrant red. I love how I don’t need a huge variety of colours on hand because they easily mix together.

Green: new life, energy, health, prosperity and thriving in all areas!

I’m adding some zest to my life with lime green! I’m starting 2018 with GREAT EXPECTATIONS for success with my work and personal pursuits. I’m working on ways to bring more positive energy into my marriage and home.  I’m also excited to get more intentional with my fitness journey again this year (though I have no goals to “get back” to the way I was before kids). I’m hitting the ground dancing this year, motivated by gratefulness, blossoming friendships (I’m finally getting out of my house more often) and a good dose of not taking myself too seriously.

Punky Colour Review - lime green

Blend Punky Colours Turquoise, Spring Green and Bright Yellow

What creative ways do you remind yourself each day of your values and aspirations? Have you tried out the colourful hair trend yet? Let me know in the comments!

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