Thrive Life: Get $20 Off Your First Order

Are you looking for simple dinner solutions? Have you ever considered some meal kits and pre-chopped, ready to go groceries to your door?

If you have read other blog posts of mine, you know I’m talking about Thrive Life. I’ve blogged about how Thrive Life saves me time in the kitchen, helps me feel more organized, and YES, saves me money! And I’ve told you about Simple Plate, easily the best meal kit on the market, that help you get started cooking with Thrive Life.

Now I’m going to tell you how you can get $20 off your order, wholesale pricing and free shipping when you use my web link. As an Independent Consultant with Thrive Life, I’m able to give you this discount, and I receive a commission from your order. You’ll be on your way to a simple dinner, without sacrificing taste or nutrition, in no time at all!

simple dinner solutions - new customer options

Three steps and you’re on your way to having a host of simple dinner solutions. If you use the New Customer Options I show you in Step 2, you’ll have the ingredients and instructions for 30 recipes!

STEP 1: Order as a Preferred Customer

When you order through my web link you get to be a Preferred Customer and get wholesale pricing and extra sales. Make sure you choose to create a deliveries account. There is no membership fee, and requirement to do more than one order! Skip or cancel at any point, and start up again at any point! Here are the perks:

  • Free shipping on preferred items when you spend $100+ (USD). Preferred items are everything with a blue box next to the price, and include all the Simple Plates, meats, fruit, Snackies, yogurt bites, and the majority of the vegetables.
  • Wholesale pricing and Preferred Customer only deep discount items every month.
  • Early access to semi-annual sales (some things even sell out the first day, so this is really helpful).
  • Extra fan perks when you share the food with others (more on that in step 3).
Why is it helpful to have freeze dried food around my home? Isn’t  fresh healthier?

Thrive Life offers the highest quality freeze dried food you can get. No preservatives are added, the produce is non-GMO, and they pick it at pique ripeness so you get all the nutrition and flavour locked in! It keeps the taste, shape, texture and nutrition of the food, plus it has a crazy long shelf life (great for a long-term food supply too.) Most items last 25 years unopened or one year once open! Read this blog post to learn more about why I love having freeze dried food on hand as part of my meal prep toolkit!

STEP 2: Make 30 Recipes with these New Customer Options

When you set up your delivery, Thrive Life is going to give you three options, as pictured:

simple dinner solutions - three options

Option 1: $20 Off Your First Order & Free Shipping

  • Try 3 Simple Plate meal kits – the easiest way to get cooking with Thrive Life!
  • One Chef Pack – the next step to getting you into our grocery line. You’ll still get recipes, but now you’re measuring out ingredients for yourself. We have a Southwest Chicken, Pulled Pork or Ground Beef Chef Pack (see flyer with details).
  • 8 Snackies Pouches – Try some healthy snacking for school, the office, the gym bag, diaper bag or wherever! This is a great way to try a selection of fruit, yogurt bites, cheese bites or trail mixes from Thrive.
  • Customizable: you get to choose your Simple Plates, Chef’s Pack and Snackies.
  • If you do Option 1 for all of your first three orders, you’ll have the ingredients and instructions for 30 recipes. You don’t have to stick to this format for your next two orders if you don’t want to though.

Option 2: $15 Off Your First Order & Free Shipping

  • This option is the same as Option 1, just minus the Snackies pouches. So you get the three Simple Plate meal kits and one Chef’s Pack, and $15 off your first order.

Option 3: Customize Your Order

  • This is a great option if you have food restrictions or are only looking for specific things from Thrive Life. You will still get wholesale pricing on all your items regardless of the total amount. You also get the free shipping on all preferred items when you spend $100+.
  • If you are customizing, make sure you check out Thrive Life’s monthly sales! Every month different items go on sale and there will be a deep discount item only available to Preferred Customers. It just makes sense to stock up on items when they are on sale!
  • You will still have simple dinner options with it. You can add Thrive ingredients to any dish or check out the Recipes tab for inspiration.

STEP 3: Share to Get Extra Fan Perks!

As a Preferred Customer, you get extra perks when you share the food with others. Your perks are free and half off food benefits, based on your first order plus the orders of the person/people you refer my way. Sharing it is super simple too! (The whole point of using Thrive Life is to SIMPLIFY, right!?)

  • Refer at least one person to me within six months of your own order. When they order, I’ll make sure you get your perks.
  • Host an online Facebook event with me, and I’ll post info and Live Videos showing you and your friends how the food works. We’ll have some games and a door prize too!
  • If we live near each other (I’m in Airdrie, AB, Canada) I will bring the food and do an in-home cooking demo with you and your friends.

Connect with me through my Thrive Life Facebook Page for any of these options.

I love having Thrive Life at my finger tips for simple dinner solutions! I think you will too. Happy Thriving!

Here is the link to see your best options: (or .ca in Canada).

You can also subscribe to my mailing list or join my private Taste and See Facebook group, where I post recipe ideas, tips and live cooking videos. The group also has a files section with more info on ordering.

I am a Thrive Life Independent Consultant, and I love it! You can see all my blog posts related to Thrive Life here.

simple dinner solutions - Thrive Life with Kayleigh Meyers