My Mom Life Crisis: One Year Later

Hold up mid-life crisis, the mom life crisis is real! My Mom Life Crisis struck just over a year ago, when I got the itch to buy my own domain and start blogging.

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My daughter decided “Nose Sticker Selfies” should be a thing. I’m not hip enough for a Snapchat filter. This post contains affiliate links. For more information, read my disclosure

I’m also encroaching on one of those birthdays with a zero in it, meaning that my “roaring twenties” are rapidly giving way to the “dirty thirties,” if the way my daughter styled my unwashed hair this morning is any indication.

My Roaring Twenties are rapidly giving way to the Dirty Thirties, if the way my daughter styled my unwashed hair this morning is any indication. Click To Tweet

According to the mom life blogosphere, a one-year anniversary post is a must. Typically the focus is on milestones such as traffic growth and social media followings. Well, that wasn’t  really my focus when I started. I whipped a funny-looking blog together in full Mom Life Crisis frenzy as a way to sort through my own crazy-making thoughts and release them to the universe. And by “universe,” I mean the five friends and family members who happened to notice I started a blog.

So instead of stats, here are some milestones I would like to share… I hope they make you smile!

Breastfeeding… Yep, that’s still happening!

I wrote a post that received a lot of positive feedback from friends and family about my struggles early on with breastfeeding. Yet here we are – my youngest is two and still a nursing fiend! When I prayed that my second child would be easier to nurse, I wasn’t expecting this! We literally have conversations about his nursing preferences…

Oh well, I’m just enjoying the “baby” cuddles (and funny milk drunk photos) while they last!

Postpartum Sanity

Realities of postpartum life aren’t something you can just brush aside. Blogging about it was a fantastic outlet for me, and really helped me sort through what I was experiencing, such as intrusive thoughts. I’ll be honest, some days my head goes to bad places still, and I still have some tough days, but nothing like it was even a year ago. I’ve made significant progress with my ability to recognize and alleviate anxiety before it becomes a monster in my head.

Sleep is very important. I’ve found ways to help me fall asleep, such as listening to teachings. Did you fall asleep in church when your parents took you as a kid? Well, the same thing applies when you listen to a sermon before bed!


A wholesome diet that includes lots of fresh produce has been important for me in managing my moods too. I’m no food blogger, so don’t expect expertly positioned photos of breathtaking dishes, but I am starting to share more of my healthy food creations. Check out these amazing whole grain cranberry pumpkin pancakes!

Mom Life at It’s Finest

Mom life may not be glamorous, but keeping up with two toddlers sure gives me plenty to Tweet about! Blogging inspired me to revive my very much ignored Twitter account, and now my feed is dedicated to toddler shenanigans (of which there is an endless supply).

Living in a winter wonderland, mom life can be especially tough on days where it’s too cold to go outside. We’ve take to all cramming into the bathroom together, turning off the lights and having a rainbow lights dance party with BeatBo. (Try it! You got to take advantage of dancing with your kids while they still think your moves are cool!)

Here’s where to buy Fisher Price’s BeatBo in the U.S. or in Canada:

Glass Ceiling Breaking and What Not

Welp, that’s not happening (at least not in the traditional “Rah Rah Womanhood” way.) I may not be climbing a corporate ladder, but I am excited for the steps I’m taking in 2018 to improve my blog and narrow down my focus. I have LOTS of ideas in my head, but of course it all has to happen at a pace where my family comes first.

Yep, for International Women’s Day this year (I blogged about it last year too), my epic day involved:

  • Convincing my daughter she needed to wear pants to attend preschool.
  • Trying to make avocado and a burger sound as delicious as my daughter’s Halloween candy she still hasn’t forgotten is on that top shelf.
  • Bending down to pick up my son from his crib only to land my hand in warm, squelchy vomit.

Have you had days like this? That’s mom life for yah! Check out my song spoofs, “Mommy’s Brush Your Teeth Song” or “O Diaper Change” for some mom life laughs!

Working from Home

My goal moving forward is to take steps towards turning my hobby blog into something more. I want to connect with other WAHMs and get inspiration from them too!

I’m excited for what’s ahead! Want to keep up? Subscribe here to get my latest posts to you inbox, along with access to free printables and my Thrive Life Guide.
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