Twelve Ways to Thrive-a-lize your Trail Mix!

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These trail mix recipes are packed with extra nutrition, extra flavour, and extra fun for all your summer adventures!

Trail mixes are one of my favourite easy, fun but healthy snacks to make at home. And they are the perfect companion to power you through your summer adventures. Whether you are hiking, camping, going to the splash park, or needing a pick me up while you stare at the sunshine outside from your work desk, trail mixes are the bomb!

I asked my “Taste and See the Thriving Life” Facebook Group members for some trail mix ideas (I am a Thrive Life Independent Consultant). I’ve taken their awesome ideas and “thrive-a-lized” them to include Thrive Life freeze dried ingredients.

Thrive Life is the leader in freeze drying technology. So why freeze dried ingredients as opposed to more typical dehydrated fruit? Well simply put, it’s way healthier. You get:

  • No added oils, added sugar or sulphites
  • The natural nutrition in the food is preserved – even better than fresh in many cases!
  • It has more flavor, better texture and is truer to its fresh equivalent.

The visual difference is quite striking too. What would you rather eat?

So here are 12 Thrive-a-lized Trail Mixes. I’m not giving you measurements, because you can measure that from the heart. 💖

1. Classic Mix with a Veggie Twist!

Ingredients: salted mixed nuts, chocolate chips, Thrive Life apricot dices and Thrive Life sweet potato cubes.

Alternative: Sweet potato is a seasonal item from Thrive Life that comes out in the fall. If you don’t have it, butternut squash is a great alternatives.

2. Fishy Fun Mix

Ingredients: Goldfish crackers, along with Thrive Life zucchini slices, peas and corn.

Alternative: Wanting a cheesy, lower-carb option? Replace the goldfish crackers with Thrive freeze dried cheddar bites.

3. Savoury Seasoned Peas

Take dried Thrive Life peas and put them in a tumbler with a lid. Add olive oil, sea salt, cinnamon and paprika. Gently shake with the lid on to distribute the seasoning evenly.

Alternative: Add some cayenne or a spicy sea salt for a spicy version. Or test out your own flavor combination!

4. Confetti Berrylicious Mix

Thrive Life came out with an exclusive last year – freeze dried confetti cake bites! This is a perfect way to use them! If you don’t have these available to you, replace with Thrive Life coconut bites or white chocolate chips.

Ingredients: Shreddies cereal (Chex in the USA is the closest), granola, Thrive Life vanilla and pomegranate yogurt bites (or use dairy free coconut bites), and Thrive Life strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries.

You can see Trail Mixes 5 & 6 in this Facebook Live video.

5. Maui Mix

Thrive Life Pineapple

The incredible flavor of Thrive’s tropical fruit, plus those coconut bites (aka crack for kids) makes this one of my favourite trail mixes! I have even put this one in a decorated jar and gifted it.

Ingredients: macadamia nuts, coconut flakes and Thrive Life pineapple chunks, mango dices and coconut bites

6. Strawberry Shortcake

Thrive Life Strawberry Nutrition

This one uses all Thrive Life ingredients. For a dairy-free version, use coconut bites.

Ingredients: Thrive Life strawberry slices, strawberry yogurt bites, vanilla yogurt bites (optional – add cashews to balance out the sweetness).

7. Apple Cinnamon Mix

Thrive Life Fuji Apple Slices

This one takes a bit of prep work, as I recommend candying your nuts first. Just roast them in your oven or on low in a fry pan with butter, cinnamon and brown sugar. Let cool then add to your mix. If Apple Cinnamon Cheerios are not found in your region, use another apple cinnamon cereal!

Ingredients: Apple Cinnamon Cheerios, cinnamon candied nuts, Thrive Life Fuji Apple Slices.

8. Mountain Man Trail Mix

I can’t take the credit for this one. It comes from the Thrive Life Recipe Portal and was submitted by Tammy Vose. It’s great for those wanting some easy, quick protein! All the ingredients are from Thrive Life. 

Ingredients: Thrive Life Sausage Crumbles, Cheddar Cheese, peas, sweet corn and a dash of Chef’s Choice Seasoning.

Customer Submissions! Did yours make it in? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments too!

9. Tashia’s Dark Mix

Thrive Life Cherries

Ingredients: Dark chocolate chips, Thrive Life blackberries, Thrive Life cherries, Thrive Life sweetened cranberries, roasted peanuts and cashews.

10. Danielle’s S’mores Snack Mix

Thrive Life Yogurt Bites

Thrive Life’s vanilla yogurt bites taste like crunchy marshmallows… this is the perfect use for them! And this one is definitely a dessert mix – there’s no holding back on the sugar with this one!

Ingredients: Mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, broken up graham crackers (or use Graham Teddy Bears), Thrive Life vanilla yogurt bites, Thrive Life coconut bites. Use all coconut bites for a dairy-free version.

11. Colleen’s Summer Sangria Mix

Wine Gums: Image Source Amazon UK

Wine gums… have you heard of them? They are a British jube- jube candy that taste like wine! They work perfectly in this mix.

Ingredients: Wine Gums, mixed nuts, and Thrive Life sliced red grapes, peaches, sweetened cranberries, mango dices, pear dices, Fuji apples slices and pineapples chunks.

12. Jillian’s Sweet and Sour Mix

Like tart? Thrive Life Granny Smith Apples Slices should be your go-to!

Ingredients: Almonds, along Thrive Life granny smith apple slices, strawberry slices and coconut bites. For extra natural tartness, add Thrive Life raspberries too!

13. Baker’s Dozen Bonus!

Thrive Life Snackies – Image source:

Want a ready for you mix? Thrive Life has some fabulous options. My favourites are Strawberry Pina Colada, Cranberry Crunch and Beet Fruit Crisps. See them all here.

Like these ideas? Learn more in my Facebook Group or go check out my blog series:

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What are your favourite Trail Mix blends? Let me know in the comments!

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