Saving Summer Memories

Plus a Big “Life Update!”

How is it already September? Labour Day has passed, our children are in school and summer already feels like a distant memory. But let’s hang onto those fun summer memories! Do you find that the summers seem to blur together after a few years? I’ve decided to try to keep summer memories a little more organized, to look back on later!

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Here are some ideas! Have you tried any of these?

  • Make a collage with your kids to hang on a wall or put in a binder.
  • Make a Facebook album titled Summer 20XX.
  • Put photos, ticket stubs, and other fun mementos into a photo box and label it.
  • Get an inexpensive 4×6 photo flipbook (dollar store) and print off some photos to put in there.
  • Easily turn your favourite summer Instagram posts into a photobook. There are a few photobook options out there, but is an inexpensive and popular option!

We didn’t go anywhere this summer, but we live in beautiful Alberta, Canada, where there are plenty of activities! And of course, we had plenty of park days and backyard adventures too…

Here are our favourite Summer 2019 moments, in no particular order (okay, well maybe the last one is the most significant, as it’s a pretty big “life update!”)

With both my husband and I now self-employed and working from home (my husband has his own cryptocurrency mining company), the summer certainly felt more casual. It’s so nice to go to a major tourist attraction on say, a Tuesday!

Acme Outdoor Swimming Pool

One day I asked my local moms Facebook group for outdoor activity ideas. Surprisingly, quite a few women suggested going to the small town, outdoor swimming pool in Acme. It started with a lovely drive through the canola fields:

My kids had a blast enjoying one of our few really hot days at this hidden gem! It was definitely a nicer drive and less crowded than going into Calgary (our closest big city.

The Royal Tyrrell Museum

This is a must-see if you’re touring Alberta. My son, who is now three, has recently become obsessed with dinosaurs. My daughter enjoys them too. They were enthralled! The only downside was I’d say for their ages, it was a big museum to get all through. They were tuckered out by the end!

Backyard Camping

While I did a series of posts in my “Taste and See the Thriving Life” Facebook group on camping food ideas, we didn’t actually get out camping this year. But we did manage to set up our tent in the backyard and sleep their over one August weekend. Honestly, that was perfect. Our kids had a blast. And I really do like my own washroom the best!

Party Time at the Splash Park

My kids adore our local splash park! It’s an easy (free!) summer activity, especially now that they’re old enough to enjoy it by themselves while I watch and work on my laptop. A big highlight of course was my daughter’s splash park birthday party. She requested a “rainbow heart cake,” (she is five and just likes rainbows). Of course, I had to pull out my freeze dried fruit to colour the cake and frosting naturally! It was a hit and the best part was the weather cooperated with a gorgeous sunny day!

Local Beach Time

Though I had really wanted to get out to a BC beach this summer, there are some fun local beaches too in the Calgary area! A highlight for us was Lake Chestermere. Bonus – we have friends who live in Chestermere right off the lake, so they took us to the quieter “locals secret beach spot.”


I’ve somewhat kept up with my home organization goals (despite not having as much energy lately – more on that next). This summer we managed to paint our fence, plus I finally got my necklaces and belts organized in this simple DIY display I made. The knobs were inexpensive from my local Home Hardware.

Big Life Update!

We weren’t planning for it, but when the waves of nausea hit early August for me, it wasn’t hard to figure out. Baby #3 is due at the end of March 2020! I will admit to being worried about going through postpartum anxiety again, but I feel that I have more resources and a stronger community of people around me this time. At the time of writing this, I am 10 weeks along. This may seem a little early to share this news, but I feel like if something bad were to happen, I’d want to openly share about that too. So no point in stressing myself out by trying to hide my growing bump (or the endless “flu!”)

A special note to my Thrive Life Customers and Team Members:

I am still available to help you with your orders or any questions you have, despite being more worn out these days with a baby on the way! But I do want to empower you to easily find answers to your questions, in case I’m not available. Please subscribe to gain access to my Thrive Guide if you haven’t already. The guide will answer most questions about ordering, sharing your referral link to get free food, how to get free shipping, monthly specials, etc.

What was one of your favourite memories from the summer?

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