If I was to have a spirit animal, I’d like to think it would be the peacock. Since my early twenties, peacocks have influenced my home décor, wardrobe and hair colour! While colourfully eye-catching, they are also boisterous and bold. Though today’s society often associates peacocks with vanity, traditionally they represented resurrection (coming into new life), wisdom and spiritual insight. As someone who places value in fostering a rich spiritual life, this is deeply meaningful to me.

As I’m nearing the end of my roarin’ twenties, I have to admit it’s hard to feel like a snazzy peacock. With two children in diapers, a slow postpartum recovery and my attempt to be a work-from-home mom, I tend to feel more like a plain pigeon. (Except I’m lacking the pigeon’s famed navigational skills. Please don’t ask me for directions!)

In the Old Testament, two pigeons could be brought as an offering if one could not afford a lamb. Sometimes I feel like that’s me. Like all I have to offer to my children, my husband, my friends or the organizations I work with is my “better than nothing” pigeon self.

But when I feel this way, I choose to lean into the bigger picture. Having small children who need you for everything from eating to falling asleep, while also maintaining healthy relationships and working to remain relevant in my fields of interest, is a tough balancing act. It is part of the reason I chose to start this blog. I find that publishing my thoughts brings order and clarity, plus some extra zest, to my life. And if along the way I can connect with others who have shared experiences and we can build each other up, even better.

In the interest of keeping all the aspects of my life in one place, on this website you will also find information about the faith-based dance fitness workshops I lead, Thrive Life groceries to your door, and a summary of my work as a communications & fundraising consultant.

Finally, let’s keep the conversation going! Please leave a comment, share my posts or contact me if you like what you read here, want to know more, have a differing opinion, or want me to check out your blog, business or product. And remember… Plain or Proud, Awkward or Loud, Do Your Dance!

Alberta, Canada