Hi, I’m Kayleigh!

If I was to have a spirit animal, I’d like to think it would be the peacock. Since my early twenties, peacocks have influenced my home décor, wardrobe and hair colour! While colourfully eye-catching, they are also boisterous and bold. Though today’s society often associates peacocks with vanity, traditionally they represented resurrection (coming into new life), wisdom and spiritual insight. I like that!

But let’s get real. 

First off, that nice headshot of me is from a couple, okay a few, years ago. I was still in my roarin’ twenties. Now with two (soon to be three) little ones in tow, I’ve entered my dirty thirties (finding time to shower is tough, okay?)

So here’s a more accurate picture…

I do get some naps in from time to time…

Mommydom. It’s not so easy to feel like a snazzy peacock anymore. Most days, I feel more like a scatterbrained pigeon.

Can you relate?

Consider this your dose of postpartum sanity, mombie humour, and the thriving life. I write about my mental health journey, parenting humor and my favourite mom hacks.

I am also an Independent Consultant with Thrive Life foods – my #bestmomhack. You’ll find more info and recipes on this blog too!

I’m looking to collaborate with other bloggers and mompreneurs with useful “mom hacks” to share. If that’s you, please get in touch with me!

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Kayleigh Rose
Alberta, Canada


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  1. I love it peacock’s colors! Your hair color looks good on you!💕

  2. I like this. I though I was the only one use animal to describe myself. I have been told for years that I am a tiger mom. Now I have been branding myself as Nonsense Action Coach. People knows me call me the Tiger Mom, the nonsense coach.

  3. I love how real (and sassy) you are about being a young mom. I remember how hectic (and dirty) it got, too.

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