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Hey there! I’m so glad you found this page! I’m Kayleigh Rose, and you’ve landed on my mommy blog, The Pigeon and the Peacock. I know, it’s a funny name for a mom blog! But if I had a spirit animal, I’d choose the peacock. I love their colours, their boldness and their perfectly pulled together style. Traditionally, they have also been a symbol for wisdom and spiritual insight (their plumage looking like many eyes). As a mom, I need all the insight I can get!

But being a mom to two little ones close in age, most days I feel more like a scatterbrained pigeon. Can you relate?

I’m going to guess that you can… and that’s why you’re curious about what my “Best Mom Hack” could possibly be!

What’s something you, as a mom, have to do multiple times a day for yourself and for your family members? And even though it’s an ordinary everyday thing, it can cause a lot of stress, guilt, mess, and extra fuss?


Breakfast, lunch dinner. And then there’s the snacks, snacks, SNACKS!

Can I suggest another option you can include in your meal prep, healthy snacking, grocery planning tool kit? Not too long ago I was a scatterbrained, high anxiety mom, and my “meal planning” more often than not meant another frozen lasagna or the donair shop down the street.

It wasn’t good for our budget. It wasn’t good for our health. And it definitely wasn’t helping with my overwhelming mom guilt. (If you’ve ever experienced postpartum anxiety, you know exactly what I’m talking about). That’s when a friend introduced me to Thrive Life foods, an online grocery store specializing in top notch freeze drying.

And yes, I can work it into my monthly food budget, and even save money in the process. I love the food so much, I decided to become an Independent Consultant with Thrive Life so I could get compensated for sharing it!

But my goal isn’t to just “sell” something to you. That’s not fair, or all that genuine (and I want this blog to feel like a safe place). You’re a real human being, with a budget and a busy life. You want to see how this could work for you. I’ve helped hundreds of families work this food into their eating and snacking routines, so I promise you it’s legit.

#BESTMOMHACK Blog & Video Series

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I’ve put together a series of videos and blog posts to show you the food in action. My video editing skills aren’t going to wow you (and my hair is a mess!) but it will hopefully give you an up close and better understanding of this delicious, versatile food. I’ll show you how it’s:

First, watch this quick video!

Here’s a simple overview of what the food is – and why you’ll love it – from Thrive Life!

Now, take a look through the 5-part video and blog series below to get my take on the food!

1. Healthier

You’ll be wowed by how healthy this food really is – and how simple it makes getting a bigger variety of wholesome, clean food into your diet!

2. Tastier

So. Much. FLAVOUR! Don’t miss this video. If you’re a foodie, you’ll want to check out all these fun, unique ways to use this food!

3. Fresher

Not only is it “fresher than fresh,” their quality control process is top notch. Having had a behind the scenes facility tour, I can vouch for the incredible tech and process that goes into making this the best freeze dried food in North America (and possibly the planet!)

4. Easier

We all have long days. Now you can make dinner for the whole family in 10 minutes, without planning anything in advance or pulling out a bunch of fancy cooking tools!

5. Wastelessier

(Let’s pretend that’s a real word, k?)

Buh bye brown broccoli. See ya slimey strawberries… this food won’t spoil on you!!! And by throwing out less food and eating out less, it’s kinder on your wallet too.

How to Get Your Best Value

It really is yummy, and something feasible to work into your food budget. But I’ve got some tips and tricks for you to get your best value.

Thrive Life is a direct sales company that relies on referrals instead of pouring money into advertising. They are world leaders in freeze dried food. This is a big benefit to you as a customer – you’re paying less than you would elsewhere for higher quality and more variety.

If you were to just go to Thrive Life’s website, you may miss some of the best ways to save. So I’ve compiled a Thrive Life Guide just for you! It breaks down how to get free shipping, how to earn Thrive Credit (free groceries!), and more tips on what to try first. Join my e-mail subscribers list for immediate access to this guide.


Want to connect with me more about the food, plus see more recipe ideas and get in on prize draws? Join my “Taste and See the Thriving Life” Facebook group!

Start the Series >>> #1 Healthier


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  1. You have got some really great comparison to fresh verses freeze dried. I like that you are human and not weird and also still use fresh. I love the versatility of freeze dried too to make new flavours or hide some foods too for picky eaters

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