If you watched the video, you saw me show you three balanced, nutritious meals in under 10 minutes! And that’s what really sold me on Thrive Life as a concept. Yes it’s more nutritious, fun and tasty, and super fresh, but I adore how it is SO FLIPPIN’ SIMPLE!!

I am a Thrive Life Independent Consultant (see Disclosure).

Busy evening? Bye bye washing, defrosting and chopping – I don’t have time for you! Plus if you got somewhere to be or better things to do with your evening, the simplified prep means less mess to clean up too. With the extra time I have in the evenings, my husband and I get caught up with our client work, go for walks to the park with the kids, or do a longer bedtime routine.

To Go Meals

Running out the door or trying to save money on eating out for work lunches? The To Go ready-made mini meals are a quick convenient option you can throw in a purse, backpack or work drawer. We also have Simple Plate 2-person and family size meal kits.

Jar Meals

Prefer to customize your own? Here is the soup I made in the video.

All you do is throw in your ingredients into your thermos or jar, and when you get to work or school, pour in the hot water! It doesn’t need to be soup either. You could use our instant rice in a rice/meat/veggie dish, oatmeal and fruit, our instant quinoa for a vegetarian quinoa dish, or more!

And you can do jar meals for dinner too for the whole family! Here are some of my favourite recipes from the Thrive Life Recipe Site:

(PS – you can seal these dishes in mylar bags and take them camping too!)

Dinner in a Jiffy!

And as for the dinner I showed you in the video… did you ever think you could have cooked veggies, roast beef, and fresh mashed potatoes done for you in five minutes?  I sure didn’t before discovering this food. And it was delish (according to my husband, who got home from work just in time to have this as his late lunch).

And it is really easy to “Thrive-a-lize” existing recipes too! Check out this Delish Cauilofower Recipe I made. I cut down my prep time by using Thrive Life spinach and green onions, plus I replaced the panko crumbs the original called for with crumbled dried broccoli to make it truly low-carb.

Want to see more dinner ideas using our grocery line of instant grains and freeze dried veggies, fruits and meats? Visit my Facebook page (@kmeyers.thrivelife) for more video and to find my private group.

What dish would you try making a speedier version of with Thrive Life? Let me know in the comments!


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