My Best Mom Hack: #3 Fresher

So we’ve chatted about how our food is nutrition packed along with being incredibly versatile and tasty. Now I’d like to reiterate how fresh, clean, and most importantly, safe this food is. I am a Thrive Life Independent Consulant (see Disclosure).

Fresher than “Fresh”

Did you know that fresh spinach loses 100% of it’s Vitamin C just 4 days from being picked? So while I’m not saying don’t eat spinach salad, maybe add some orange slices to it!

To recap, Thrive Life’s spinach, which you can use for all your soup, stew, smoothie, cheese dip and baking needs, still has all that wonderful Vitamin C in it! Plus 6x more Vitamin A!

Location: Thrive Life Headquarters. Thank you to my team member Stacie Dixon for being my beautiful model!

And because of the amount of flavour in it, a little really goes a long way. Not to mention how much is packed into this can!  A #10 can is equivalent to 11 1/4 regular 10oz bags of fresh spinach!

Outstanding Farm to Plate Process

Thrive Life picks its food at peak ripeness, and then it is flash frozen on the farm within a couple hours of being harvested. Generally speaking, grocery stores sacrifice on quality and buy from corporate farms to get the best deal. Farm to plate process can take 25 days! Your produce is ripening on a truck during the transportation process, or possibly artificially ripened. And then how many days do you usually get out of your basket of strawberries before they go moldy on you?

Check out this infographic of Thrive Life’s produce journey versus what you typically buy from your grocery store:

Impressive Quality Control

But what impressed me the most when I recently got a behind the scenes tour of Thrive Life’s facility, were the number of steps they take to ensure the food you are receiving is safe and contaminant free.

These days, doesn’t it seem like every month we’re hearing about another food recall due to listeria, e-coli, or what not? And sadly, fresh produce is often the culprit.

Image Source: Headlines (

A+ for Food Safety!

At Thrive Life, every single batch of food they receive is double checked to ensure safety. A sample is taken to a lab to be tested before any of the flash frozen produce is put through the freeze dryer. They also have stringent cleanliness protocols for everyone working in the freeze drying chamber. Just check out our sexy gear that we had to wear for the tour!

Like many big name food brands like Kraft and Tyson, Thrive Life is SQF certified, following all Safe Quality Food guidelines.
They are certified by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), which means the facility and products are frequently monitored by these agencies. In fact, for their recent 2018 audit, Thrive Life received an SQF grade of 100%, which is an extremely rare accomplishment in the industry.

Ready When You Are

Another great example of the freshness of our food is our Simple Plate meal kits. With most meal kits, they come to you in a pretty big box, with ice packs for the meat, and instructions to make the meal within a few days to ensure freshness. You often have to cut up the ingredients you receive too, so while it’s fun to make, it’s not really saving you a whole lot of time.

Meanwhile, Simple Plates are compact and lightweight. I love bringing these with me when we’re staying in a place with a kitchenette, or storing in my pantry for a busy night. And that’s the key right there. I can store this in my pantry – for up to a year – without losing the nutritional value of the food or worrying about something going off on me. The meat and veggies don’t need to be refrigerated, yet it stays fresh. How cool is that?

Bye Bye Mom Guilt

As a mom, who does try to choose healthy, safe options for my family as much as possible, I love the peace of mind I get when feeding my family Thrive Life foods. It’s become a wonderful, integral part of our meal planning and snacking habits.

In the fourth part of this video series, I’m going to cook up a little meal for you to see! But for now, I’d love to know, what “fresher than fresh” items from Thrive Life are you most curious to try first?

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  1. Jeara Dawn underwood

    August 11, 2019 — 3:52 pm

    Oh boy. I want to try the bananas, strawberries, grapes, broccoli, cauliflower, simple plate………

  2. I love the simple plates and that I can use them when I need them and not because they are going to go bad. So convenient.

    • Yes! I don’t even have the excuse of coming home late from work or having to rush to something else later on… some days I just don’t feel inspired at all, and it’s Simple Plate to the rescue!

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