In a poll by Diet Trends US, 91% said it is better to to eat a well-rounded diet than use diet products. I couldn’t agree more, which is why I love this simple, clean, whole food! Maybe you already have a pretty healthy diet, but you love hearing about ways to “hack” your diet to get even more nutrition in there! Well then you are going to LOVE what I affectionately refer to as my “Best Mom Hack.”

Regardless of what eating plan or lifestyle you follow, I think we can all agree that more good quality, high nutrition foods are a must. And as a mom, I want this not only for myself, but my family too. With Thrive Life’s large selection of pre-washed, pre-chopped, ready to go fruits, veggies and more, you can have convenient, natural nutrition at your fingertips.

Would that make it easier to follow your healthy eating plans? Or sneak more veggies into dinner time?

Cool Facts:

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Thrive Life’s strawberry slices have up to 82% more phytonutrients than a typical grocery store strawberry.

Our broccoli has 52% more vitamin B in it. And our green beans have 77% more vitamin C than a typical grocery store green bean!

Our Secret:

So what’s the secret? Our food is “freeze dried.” Sensitive nutrients, like Vitamin C, degrade in fresh products over time. Flash freezing followed by a premium freeze drying process stops this degradation.

But Thrive Life takes it a step further. They have the leading freeze drying facility in North America and world leading experts on their team. On top of this, Thrive Life partners with specific farmers who meet their standards for high quality, non-gmo food. These farmers harvest the produce at its nutritional peak and its flash frozen within hours of being harvested, so all the nutrition and flavour Mother Nature intended our food to have is locked in!

Let’s compare this to your typical grocery store produce. Generally speaking, grocery stores sacrifice on quality and buy from corporate farms to get the best deal. Farm to plate process can take 25 days! Your produce is ripening on a truck during the transportation process, or possibly artificially ripened. And then how many days do you usually get out of your basket of strawberries before they go moldy on you?

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I think one of the simplest ways to get your daily dose of fruits and veggies is in a smoothie. I love using my Thrive Life produce for this, along with my protein powder of choice. Having a variety of fruits and veggies on hand lets me change it up every day. Here’s a neat example of how you can actually powder your Thrive freeze dried items in advance, so you can have this smoothie on the go whenever you’re ready for it!

So I hope you have a better understanding now about how this food – that comes in a can and is delivered to your doorstep– is actually such an amazing source of nutrition! And you get all this nutrition without adding in preservatives, sulphites, extra sugar, oils, etcetera… because the freeze drying process is so incredibly advanced. It’s a gentle process, which doesn’t cause nutrients or enzymes to degrade like a higher heat dehydration process would.

Just look at the difference between our sliced grapes and a raisin (dehydrated grape)… it’s night and day! And oh yes, it tastes delicious. It’s a “candy” that satisfies my sweet craving, but it’s just a grape!

But I’ll cover more about how fun and tasty our food is in the second part of this series. For now, I’d love to hear from you in the comments, what are your healthy eating hangups? Do you think this could help?


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