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There is nothing I hate more than spending my hard earned money at the grocery store, only to have my food go slimy, moldy or rotten on me! It feels like I am throwing my wallet into the garbage bin! Thankfully, my food waste has substantially decreased (and my dollars are stretched further) using Thrive Life freeze dried food! I am an Independent Consultant with Thrive Life (see Disclosure).

We’ve all been here:

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If it makes you feel any better, you’re not the only one. It’s a ginormous problem in the U.S. and Canada.

So what can we do about it? Well, meal planning is definitely a solution. But sometimes, you don’t have time to spend your weekend prepping meals for the week ahead. Or maybe you get just want to have supplies on hand for whatever you feel like making or snacking on… but then you are in that rush to get it eaten before it goes to waste!


Less Accidental Food Waste

Thrive Life is my favourite “waste less” mom hack in my tool belt! As you can see in the video, over time I have built up quite the stash, what I call my home “food store.” Need some red peppers for a dish I decided to throw together? No need to get my husband to pick things up on his way home, I got it right here! Or you got sick or there was a family crisis? The grocery store rush is one less thing to worry about.

  • 25 year shelf life for most of our produce and meats
  • 1 year shelf life for most items once open

(I think that gives you enough time to use that broccoli or those strawberries up! There are some exceptions though, so you can read our Shelf Life Fact Sheet to double check!)

Bye Bye Brown Bananas!

Take one of the worst culprits, bananas, for instance:

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I’ve switched almost entirely to freeze dried bananas for my family’s snacking and smoothie purposes. Bonus – they make a great gluten free cracker for peanut butter, and you never have to deal with fruit flies!

Quote Source: Thrive Life Corporate Website

Wastelessier on Your Wallet

Since using Thrive Life, I’ve tracked about a 20% savings in our overall food bill. It really can make a difference!

Don’t just let this delicious, nutritious food sit in your basement waiting for the Zombie Apocalypse (though it is great for that too). Use it and see how it can help you:

  • Save money by eating out less often on busy evenings or jam packed work days.
  • Save money by throwing out less food.
  • Save money by reducing your reliance on too many supplements for your nutrition (just stick with the key ones you see the best results from, and get the rest of your phytonutrients and minerals from clean, nutrition dense whole foods).
  • Save money by stocking up when things go on sale. Who would have thought you could stock up on fresh spinach or broccoli?
  • Have a stock of food already at home, and ignore price spikes at the grocery store due to crop failures or increased demand.

Because this food has an extraordinary shelf life, you can buy that asparagus when it goes on sale, and then save it for the fall when it’s out of season and hard to find for a reasonable price locally.

Fans Get Rewarded

Since Thrive Life is a word-of-mouth direct sales model, they put their budget towards rewarding customers for referring others their way, instead of into advertising. Please note, while this is a network marketing company, Thrive Life is not an MLM with inflated prices in order to cover layers of commission. You’ll find our freeze dried food in most cases costs less than others on the market (while still being the best quality and variety!)

As a customer, you can earn Thrive Credit (free food!) when your refer others to try it out too. Every customer gets their own referral link to share. And of course, you can take it a step further with consultant status and earn commission on top of the free food credits.

Next up, I’ve got your covered with some great tips for getting the best value on the food! My Thrive Life Guide also has some great tips and our monthly specials, which you can get delivered to your inbox by subscribing to my mailing list.

What food goes bad on you most often? What items from Thrive Life could help you tackle your food budget?

Get my Thrive Life guide, where I give you tips to help you choose what is best for you to try first!

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  1. Jeara Dawn underwood

    August 11, 2019 — 4:03 pm

    My fruits and vegetables go bad on me the quickest. So I feel the fruits and veggies would be an awesome start. Having the meats on hand would be very beneficial for me also, because I am one of those forget to defrost people.

  2. I love having far less slimy things in the back of my fridge. Such a cost saver not waisting things.

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