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#BESTMOMHACK Monthly Specials

Thrive Life is an online grocery store specializing in freeze dried foods. It’s my favourite way to save time, up our nutrition and save money on groceries and eating out! Learn more in my #BESTMOMHACK Blog Corner.

Join my private Facebook Group: “Taste and See the Thriving Life!” (If the link doesn’t work, log into your Facebook first and then come back to the link or search for the group). Look for monthly prizes and games!

Are you curious to try Thrive Life, the freeze dried groceries delivered to your doorstep? You can use my Independent Consultant Link to get 20% off your first delivery, plus 15% off the retail cost on an ongoing basis. I earn a commission from your order (see Disclosure).

STEP 1: Make sure you are in the right region (top right).

STEP 2: Check out our Starter Kits. They are pre-set packs of food that also give you all the extra perks of being a member with Thrive Life (cash back on your own orders, early access to sales, etc). They are an excellent option for anyone interested in getting a good sampling of our food. You also have the opportunity to earn commission and free food through our Fast Track program.

STEP 3: Set up a DELIVERY ACCOUNT. That’s where you get 20% off as a new customer, free shipping when you spend $100 USD or more, plus delivery customer only monthly specials. You can skip a delivery or cancel at any time. Edit what and when you buy at any time.

STEP 3: Be a smart shopper and nab the deals! Please note the deepest discounted items are only for delivery customers.

STEP 4: Refer your friends to get credit back! You can simply share you customer referral link, or chat with me about booking a one hour Facebook event.

CONTEST: Win Exclusive Product!

Be one of my Thrive Life Facebook event hostesses this month, and be in the running for earning exclusive product from me! The hostess (or host) with the highest total party sales wins something from my “vault” that currently isn’t available for purchase! Message me on Facebook to book your event: