Simple Plate Review: An Awesome “Mom Hack!”

This is a review of Simple Plate, a meal kit delivery service with a twist. After researching and checking out numerous meal kit delivery options that are available to my region, I’m so happy I settled on having a few Simple Plates delivered to my door each month!

Simple Plate - the best meal kit -

This post contains affiliate links. You can set up a delivery account through my link to get 15% off your delivery and free shipping. 

General Benefits to Meal Delivery Services

Meal kits are great for busy people who don’t have time to meal plan 100% of the time. Plus they’re great for foodies looking to shake things up in the kitchen. Ideally, they help you to:

  • Feel more organized when it comes to making dinner
  • Try new recipes and ingredients
  • Are a healthier and more cost-effective option over eating out, ordering pizza, etc.
  • Cut down on your trips to the grocery store

Why Simple Plate Beats the Rest

You have a whole slew of options when it comes to meal and food delivery services. But they don’t give you all the things Simple Plate does. Here’s why you’ll love including some Simple Plate meals into your meal prep routine.

Fast, Easy and Convenient

Many Simple Plates you can make in 20 minutes – and by that I mean from the time you open the box to you sitting down at the table. This is because, unlike other kits, you are not having to chop, wash, defrost or even measure ingredients. It comes all pre-chopped, washed and pre-portioned for you! This means you can get to that 6:00 p.m. event without being in a panic, spend more time with your kids when they get home from school, or hit the gym and still get home in time to eat dinner at your regular time!

Simiple Plate - Classic Wedding Soup -

Italian Wedding Soup with Focaccia Bread – the soup only took 10 minutes, and it was fun to try my hand at baking my own bread!

Minimal Mess

Having it all prepped for you – seriously, no knives required! – means that you don’t have as much mess at the end either. How many times have you left your kitchen a mess in a rush to get out the door, and then you are trying to clean at 11 p.m? On nights like those, I reach for a low mess solution – my Simple Plate kits.

Fresh Ingredients – but you can save it ‘til you’re ready to use it!

Most meal kits come with fresh produce and meats that need to be used within a couple of days. But Simple Plates can be stored in your pantry for up to a year! This is thanks to Thrive Life’s amazing freeze drying process that locks in that nutrition without adding preservatives, and without affecting the flavour or texture. But it’s still going to taste delicious and make you feel like your own personal chef!

Simple Plate - ready when you are -

Lightweight, Portable and Packaging is All Recyclable

Another benefit of the freeze drying process is the kits are very light and portable. When we spent a few days in a cottage in the mountains, I just brought a few Simple Plates with me to cook up in our kitchenette! And the box and packaging is minimal and all easy to recycle.

Simple Plate - ready in 20 minutes -

Free Shipping, Flexible Ordering, and a Growing List of Options

Thrive Life gives you two kit size options: Classic (2-3 people) or Family (4-6 people). We find that a Classic Simple Plate feeds me, my husband and our two toddlers. If we want to have leftovers, I’ll cook a Family size.

It’s easy to change up – you can reorder your favourites and discover new ones. Plus you aren’t locking into anything. It’s set up like a delivery service where you can choose weekly, monthly, etc, but you can skip or cancel at any time, or just change up your order dates.

They are increasing their options for people with specific dietary needs, including gluten-free, dairy-free and vegetarian. And many of the recipes are easy to adjust to meet dietary needs. For example, with the pasta dishes, you can cook some extra gluten-free noodles on the side to use for someone in your family who is celiac.

Simple Plate - beats the rest -

And what I think is the BEST PART of Simple Plate that really makes it stand out from others is…

It Doesn’t End Here!

Once you have mastered cooking up Simple Plate recipes, you can try Thrive Life’s entire line of groceries! Curious what Thrive’s Shredded Beef is like? Try it in the Korean-Style Simple Plate first. Not sure what to think of freeze dried grilled chicken? Order the Creamy Red Pepper Polenta Simple Plate and learn how to use it there! Here is an Instagram post I did on the super yummy polenta:


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I love having some Thrive Life groceries on hand whenever I need them, and I think you will too. Check out this post for how I’ve saved time and money, reduced my food waste, and added in healthier food options that my kids gobble up.

Taste and See the Thriving Life!

This is my Best Mom Hack and favourite sanity saver! Thrive Life’s online grocery store is super flexible. You can join their deliveries to get all the perks but skip or cancel at any time.

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